10+ Best Hesgoal Alternatives

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Best Hesgoal Alternatives

Online streaming has taken the center position in the consumption of live sporting events. Nowadays, you can stream almost every sporting event in the highest quality of up to 4K with an active internet connection.

Although the vast majority of these streaming services are owned by the same companies that control cable TV, a few are owned by new companies who are looking to profit from these changing market trends.

But, this demand to change has also led to an opportunity that is being filled by websites like Hesgoal, which claim to offer free content for its users. However, the legality of their streams is a matter of debate.

Because the effects of accessing copyrighted content illegally could be catastrophic, It is recommended to only go for legal Hesgoal alternatives.

Because of this, we have created this list of the best Hesgoal alternatives that you can use to watch football games online.

Disclaimer – This list of the best Hesgoal alternatives is just for educational purposes. Some of the websites/apps listed in this list promote pirated content. We at NeekReview, do not promote any sort of piracy. If anything happens, you will be responsible for all the consequences.


LAOLA1.tv - Best Hesgoal Alternatives

URL – Laola1.TV

LAOLA1.tv is among the most popular sports news streaming sites and arguably one of the best Hesgoal alternatives. It lets you live stream sports events in real-time with highlights as well as background information about different football teams, leagues, and players. This Hesgoal replacement allows you to watch Spanish La Liga, Austrian Bundesliga, Erste Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League, and other football tournaments.

LAOLA1.tv also broadcasts other sports events, including volleyball, hockey, and tennis. Although the service is absolutely free, however, it also offers an upgrade option for customers.

As a subscriber, you can stream live top games like that of the Premier League on every device that is available, including tablets, Smart TVs, smartphones, and even your computers. You can also stream every video in HD quality with no advertisements if you opt for the membership option.

However, if you don’t go for a premium subscription, you can only stream sports events live on laptops. Besides that, the quality of content will be poor, and they will include ads.


fuboTV - Best Hesgoal Alternatives

URL – fuboTV

The next Hesgoal alternative on our list is fuboTV. fuboTV is among the most popular football streaming sites online. It’s an online television service that is primarily focused on channels that show sporting events.

This platform allows you to stream basketball, football, tennis, soccer, baseball, and hockey, in addition to other sports. It also lets viewers capture live sports on channels such as beIN Sports Fox, NBC, and many more.

The capability to record live events is a benefit since it lets you return and look back at what you missed. FuboTV allows you to view any sporting event on demand; however, you need to pay a small monthly fee for it.

It offers a few different packages to choose from, allowing you to find a package that is suitable for your needs in entertainment. If you’re a first-time customer, this service allows you to try out live football games at no cost.

DStv Now

DStv Now - Best Hesgoal Alternatives

URL – DStv Now

Next on our list, we have DStv Now, which you can use as a Hesgoal alternative. DStv Now is a completely free application available to DStv customers, meaning if you have a DStv subscription, you will be able to enjoy all of its features and benefits.

When you sign up for the service, you will be able to watch live TV and receive the complete DStv content, including SuperSport. SuperSport is available on DStv and is home to sports entertainment. Therefore, instead of watching sporting events on television, they can be streamed live via DStv Now.

As among the top streaming websites for football, DStv Now is available for free. However, you will be required to pay for the football streams.

To stream, the contents offered, begin by downloading the DStv Now application available for Android and iOS and stream it from your desktop or laptop computer. The content offered via the service online is available in HD and SD quality.

beIN Sports

The next Hesgoal alternative on our list is beIN Sports. It is among the largest sports broadcasters in the world. If you’re in search of an easy yet legal method to stream sporting events, it’s the most suitable replacement for Hesgoal.

It provides live streaming of all sports events as well as football matches from top leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and more. It further allows you to stream as many games as you can on your mobile, television, computer, or any other digital device.

To access beIN Sports, you’ll first need to sign up for one of its premium packages. The subscription allows you to stream more than 50 sports events live at any time, anywhere.

Additionally, you can utilize the service to personalize your streaming experience and learn about revolutionary features that can help you get closer to sports that you love. The streams are all available in HD, and you also get the option of playing on demand.

Optus Sports

Optus Sport is one of the most reliable Hesgoal alternative websites to stream live soccer games. You can stream live the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Every game on the website is available live and also on demand.

It further provides access to additional sports channels such as ESPN as well as beIN Sports, the one we listed above in this article. In order to stream football matches, you’ll first need to sign up for any of the plans provided by the platform.

If any sporting event is live, it is necessary to sign in to your account and select the game you want to stream. The platform is available on laptops, desktops, and smartphones, as well as many smart TVs and streaming services such as Roku.

When you sign up as a new member, you will receive a 30-day free trial that will provide you access to all the features of the platform without any restrictions.

NBC Sports

The next Hesgoal alternative on our list is NBC Sports. NBC Sports offers its services via satellite, cable, and Telco TV providers. This allows you to watch the full NBC Sports coverage from the at-home comforts of your home.

If you opt for a cable subscription, you can watch NBC Sports at no cost. However, if you don’t have a cable subscription, you might need to opt for a specific NBC Sports subscription.

NBC Sports offers live streams of every sporting event offered by the broadcaster through streaming the live streams on the internet.

To begin, you must join the service online. As an active subscriber, you will be able to stream live sports events online using the apps offered by the platform. The official app is available for Android and iOS platforms, while desktop users can go for the web version of the application.

The events that you can stream, aside from live football games, are NHL, Cycling, NASCAR, Golf, Rugby, Volleyball, as well as The Kentucky Derby, and more. The content is all available in HD.

Sky Sports

Next, we have Sky Sports on our list that you can use as a Hesgoal alternative. Sky Sports is one of the top live soccer sites to watch the English Premier League, other football games, and sports such as cricket, rugby, Formula 1, and more.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll find Sky Sports has a wide range of options to improve your sports streaming experience. It is possible to stream football games on Ultra HD via the iPad app, website, and mobile phone apps.

However, you need to sign up for the service to watch and enjoy live football games. When you join for its services, this platform will let you customize the kind of content you want to watch or what are the teams you wish to follow.

Since Sky Sports is more like a cable TV subscription service that provides access to stream your favorite content, you will have to opt for a subscription to stream and access sports events on Sky Sports. Thankfully, this Hesgoal alternative is available for Mac, computer, Android, and iOS platforms.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports is one of the most popular sports event broadcasters around the globe and is one of the prominent Hesgoal alternatives. If you’re looking to find out where you can watch live soccer matches, Fox Sports is a perfect contender, as it gives you numerous channels that show all sporting events, from golf to football and rugby.

Fox Sports Go, a dedicated platform offered by Fox Sports, gives you the ability to stream all football matches and other sports online.

Fox Sports GO is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. On top of that, you can use this Hesgoal alternative on any other digital device that supports a web browser.

Fox Sports Go service is offered for free, but you need to have an active TV subscription. After you sign up for the service, you will be able to stream a variety of video content that includes MBL, NHL, NBA, and baseball, as well as football and much more. Soccer streams that are postgame and pregame are also available online for streaming.

BT Sports

BT Sport is the home of the most prestigious sporting events and is arguably one of the best Hesgoal alternatives for soccer games. The platform offers several channels that provide the majority of live football games, as well as videos of highlights and the latest information, trivia, and other stuff about the games.

This Hesgoal replacement service also streams top football leagues, such as The Premier League and UEFA Champions League, on its website and mobile application.

To get access to all content provided by BT Sport, you will be required to join any of their premium subscription packages. This subscription will permit the user to watch all games of the premier league that are licensed to BT Sports, in addition to other sports such as MotoGP as well as rugby.

You can further stream your favorite football matches in up to 1080p HD video resolutions. It also gives you access to record your favorite games, but that is only available for higher-end subscription users.


The last legal Hesgoal alternative on our list is HotStar. HotStar is an amazing platform that allows you to stream live sports events on your Android, iOS, and desktop devices. You can also use it on smart TVs and other devices such as Roku.

HotStar app is primarily developed for the Indian audience but broadcasts all international and local soccer matches. This includes games like the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and other events.

The best thing about the HotStar app is that it is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms, and the app is really well-designed and makes it easy to stream games live.

Locating all football matches is easy. In addition, the highlights of matches are also available in case you wish to revisit the event or refresh your memory if you missed the event.

Final Thoughts on Best Hesgoal Alternatives

There you have it – a detailed article covering the best Hesgoal alternatives.

Hesgoal is among the most popular streaming platforms, but its content isn’t always legal, which is one of the reasons people consider looking at Hesgoal alternatives. To stay in compliance with the law, there are a variety of legal alternatives to Hesgoal that can be easily regarded as among the top sites for football streaming.

But, for the vast majority of them, you’ll be required to sign up for a monthly subscription or sign up for an initial trial free for a specified time.

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