Psycle Tracker Alternatives

Psycle Tracker Alternative

Psycle Tracker Alternatives
Best Psycle Tracker Alternatives

Psycle Tracker was a very popular music production application founded by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius. It was a Microsoft Windows IBM PC compatible open-source tool that was mainly based on the tracker interface, but it also boasted functionalities such as VST compatibility, ASIO support, and the ability to render wav files at 96 kHz/32-bit.

It was initially released in 2000, making it one of the oldest music production applications. Since it is an open-source application, it is free to use and has been forked so many times by other developers.

However, the problem with Psycle Tracker was that its last released version was introduced in 2017, and since then, this tool hasn’t seen any further development. Even though many other developers tried to fork its official code, none of them have seen the light of day.

Since Psycle Tracker hasn’t received any development in the past, relying on it is not a good idea. The good thing here is that there are plenty of good Psycle Tracker alternatives available on the market that you can use.

Here, in this article, we are covering some of the best Psycle Tracker alternatives.

So, here we go –


OpenMPT - Best Psycle Tracker Alternative

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The very first Psycle Tracker alternative on our list is OpenMPT. This tool was initially launched in 1997 and was previously known as ModPlug Tracker. Initially, it was released as a browser plugin that allows users to play music and other sounds directly on their browser.

However, after a couple of years, the developers released ModPlug Tracker and ModPlug Player. It is an open-source audio module tracker that supports both Windows as well as Linux machines. After a couple of years of its official release, a group of programmers and musicians modified and fixed bugs in the tool and distributed it as OpenMPT.

OpenMPT is my favorite Psycle Tracker alternative because it is still under active development. The latest released version of OpenMPT was released in June 2022.



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MilkyTracker is another open-source music tracking software that can be used to compose music in the XM Module and MOD file formats. It is a multi-platform tool, meaning it is available for a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, FreeBSD, and others.

This tool allows you to do module composition and tracking with the help of multichannel sample playback. It arranges the instrument of one or more audio samples on the keyboard range, and then those instruments are then sequenced in a monophonic track containing volume, note, and effect data.

MilkyTracker was initially released in 2005, and so far, it has released several versions of the tool. The latest stable version of MilkyTracker was released in Dec 2020.


Renoise - Best Paid Psycle Tracker Alternatives

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If you are into the professional music industry or your work revolves quite a lot around music composition, you should consider going for Renoise. It is a digital audio workstation based on the concept of Tracker software.

It is a proprietary tool, meaning it is not available for free. The best thing about Renoise is that it is available for all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This tool allows you to compose music using sound samples, soft synths, effect plugins, and more.

It supports a wide range of sample formats, including wav, FLAC, Ogg, MP3, AIFF, and CAF. You can use VSTi, AU, LADSPA, and DSI formats for effects. Overall, it is one of the best Psycle Tracker alternatives out there.


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Radium is another open-source Psycle Tracker on our list, but unlike other music editing tools, it has a unique UI. The user interface of Radium is designed to provide users with a better understanding of data and gives them the ability to edit music much faster. However, it can also be used as a regular multitracker tool to edit, mix, and record audio.

Despite having a unique UI, Radium is quite easy to learn and use. The user interface is quite intuitive, and all the essential features are just a few clicks away.

This Psycle Tracker alternative was developed by Kjetil Matheussen and has been forked by multiple users. It is further available for all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and BSD.


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SunVox Modular Music Creation Studio is a popular music editing and creation tool developed around the SunVox engine. It is a very powerful tool that was initially released in 2008 by Alexandar Zolotov. It is written in C++ and is quite lightweight.

SunVox is available on a variety of devices, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The desktop version of the software is freely available, while you have to pay for the smartphone application.

The key features of this Psycle Tracker alternative include highly optimized synth algorithms, flexible architecture, and a wide range of supported sound systems, including ASIO, MME, DirectSound, Jack, Audiobus, and more. Overall, if you are looking for some good Psycle Tracker alternatives, SunVox could be a great choice.


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Next, we have BlokDust on our list. It is a web-based app that allows you to compose and edit music. It is a great Psycle Tracker alternative as it lets you easily build synthesizers, put effects, remix, and manipulate audio samples by joining blocks together.

It is a free-to-use tool packed with tons of amazing features. You can find its detailed tutorials on its GitHub page or on its website to learn how to use BlokDust and more.

Schism Tracker

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In my opinion, Schism Tracker is one of the best Psycle Tracker alternatives for tracking purposes. It is a free, open-source tool based on Impulse Tracker. Therefore, it allows you to create music without needing specialized, expensive types of equipment.

For the music player, it uses the modified version of ModPlug. This version of the ModPlug engine is highly optimized and improved for IT playback. Since it is an open-source tool, you can even get the source code and modify it according to your needs.

The best thing about Schism Tracker is that it is available for all major devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, AmigaOS, BeOS, and even the Wii. Overall, it is an amazing Psycle Tracker alternative that you can use.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a list of the best Psycle Tracker alternatives.

Psycle Tracker was an amazing tool for music development, but it is not worth relying on its lack of development. The good thing is that it is not the only tool you can use. There are plenty of amazing music editing tools that you can use to replace Psycle Tracker.

Since Psycle Tracker was an open-source tool, we mainly picked open-source tools for this list. We will also create a list of the best music editing tools and DAW, which will also contain paid tools. So, if you are interested in that, you can read that article too.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will respond ASAP.

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