How to Scan a Large Document – 2 Best Methods

Having a scanned version of your important files is vital to keep them secure. Apart from data security, there are many other reasons that demand scanning a document and keeping them in digital format. 

More often, you need to scan large documents to email business information to your colleagues. Or, you want to back up data in iCloud or other Cloud storage solutions so that you can prevent unauthorized access. 

So, if you are looking to gain more information on how to scan a large document on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, this article is our ultimate guide that can help.

Scan a Large Document – 2 Best Methods

Scan Document on Computer

Scan Document on Computer

If you have a scanner and a printer, you will not require a third-party scanning tool to scan an image. Before you begin the scanning process, you need to turn on the scanner. Next, follow the instructions for a flatbed scanner or document-feeding scanner. 

Then follow the instructions mentioned in the app based on the scanner you are using. For scanning a large document, the process is the same; the only difference is that you may require repeating the process several times. 

Before you start scanning a large document, make sure you have ample storage space available on your Mac hard drive. Sometimes, scanned documents occupy more space, so make sure your Mac can easily save them. 

If you are having difficulty scanning your documents on Mac, read the article till the end, as it also includes some quick troubleshooting tips. 

Scan Documents on iPhone or iPad

Scan Documents on iPhone or iPad

Notes app on your iPhone and iPad allows you to scan documents efficiently. For scanning a document with your iPhone or iPad, open Notes and select a note. Click on the Camera app and then select the Scan document. Next, place your document so that the camera of your phone can capture it. 

If the iPhone or iPad you are using to scan the document is in Auto mode, it will scan the document automatically. To manually capture the image of the document, click on the Shutter button. You can also press the Volume key to capture the document. 

Don’t forget to drag the corners so that the scan fits the page. At last, tap on the Save button and repeat the process to scan more pages.  

Save Large Scanned Documents on the Computer

Most scanned files are saved as PDFs on the computer. Now you know how to scan a large document on a computer, let’s learn the ways to manage large-volume files on Mac. Even though PDF files are easy to manage, larger files can be hard to share or save on any particular location on the computer. 

In that case, there are a few things you can try to strip extra gigabytes of volume from the PDF. 

  • Reduce the DPI

The DPI (dots per inch) is the primary reason why the scanned documents are larger in volume. Most scanners usually record images at 300 dots per inch, while the normal DPI should be 72.

  • Save as Black & White

Most scanned documents are text-only, so keep the color settings as black and white. Colored documents consume more space on storage media. You can save scanned graphs, images, data sheets, or other business data as colored documents. 

  • Shrink PDF Size

If you have Adobe Acrobat premium installed on your Mac, you can use it to shred off PDF size to make it smaller. Several free online tools also allow you to reduce the size of the PDF, but you may end up losing data structure. 

In case you are not able to scan the document on Mac, here are several easy ways to fix scan-related issues.  

Fix Commonly Occurring Scanner Issues 

Before you move on to implement these troubleshooting tips, please note that these methods may differ based on the type of scanner you are using. 

  • Make sure that the scanner you are using is properly plugged into the power outlet and that all the cables are correctly connected. 
  • If the Scan option doesn’t appear on the Mac screen and you are not able to proceed with the scanning process, delete the scanner and add it again. 
  • When the Scan button on your scanner is not working, use apps like Preview or Image Capture to complete the task. 
  • If your scanner is connected to an AirPort base station or to a USB port, remove it and then reconnect it to the USB port on your Mac. 
  • On experiencing any technical or functional glitch on the scanner, visit your scanner’s manufacturer’s website for a better understanding of the problem. 

When scanning a large document, keep in mind that most email clients only allow you to share files lesser than 2 MB. Make sure that you manage your scanned documents on the computer so that you can share or store them securely. Compressing the file may also help, but make sure to use reliable tools to do the task.

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