Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide – When to Ascend?

Cookie Clicker Ascension – If you’ve been playing Cookie Clicker for a long time, you’re likely familiar with that small bar on the top known as Legacy.

Have you ever looked at it and thought, what is this button accomplish? Well, that button is called the Ascension mechanic in the game Cookie Clicker.

Today, in this article, I’m going to go over everything you should be aware of regarding the Ascension mechanic in Cookie Clicker and offer you the most comprehensive guide to answer questions like “what is Ascension in Cookie Clicker? When should I ascend? what upgrades should I get?” and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What is Ascension in Cookie Clicker?

What is Ascension in Cookie Clicker?

Ascension is identical to a new game that you have unlocked in the Cookie Clicker. It resets your progress during the current game, but you can earn rewards for reaching certain milestones. Cookies generated (from clicking or other actions that you have performed during games) are the points of reference in this scenario.

If you choose to ascend, you will receive a couple of things as goodies. Heavenly chips, as well as a CPS boost depending on the number of high-end levels you’ve completed.

How Many Cookies for Each Ascension?

To gain access to the initial first Ascension or the highest level of prestige in the Cookie Clicker, you have to make 1 trillion cookies, which will take a lot of time.

This isn’t a simple task. Depending on how active you are and how many games you play per day, it could take a few days or weeks, and that’s only the beginning.

You’re likely to become anxious and desire to ascend fast in the game. Don’t worry; below, we have suggested you go through some information related to Ascension that will help you reach and complete this milestone quickly.

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide – When to Ascend?

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

The standard guideline for ascending in the Cookie Clicker, particularly when it’s your first attempt, is to attain at least a minimum of 200 prestige level.

There are many groups of Cookie Clicker players who speak to various numbers, some suggesting that it’s best to wait until you’re in the thousands, but if you would like to ascend faster in Cookie Clicker, the par 200 level would be the ideal occasion to do so.

This being said, the most well-known Cookie Clicker guide recommends that you ascend for the first time at 400 levels or above. This allows you to earn the Heavenly Chips to unlock an array of highly useful enhancements that can be useful for subsequent Ascensions.

I ascended before 200, and in a matter of a day, I was breaking through Ascension levels, and therefore, I don’t believe it’s necessary to wait until the 1000th level. I am pretty sure most experienced gamers would agree with me.

However, you must have Heavenly Chips to be able to grab some fantastic Ascension enhancements. We have actually covered that in the next section of this Cookie Clicker Ascension guide.

Heavenly Upgrades Guide

Heavenly Upgrades are the upgrades you buy using Heavenly Chips. These upgrades aid you in future runs and can help you boost your CPS to boost the number of golden cookies to provide you with the Cookie Dragon that doubles your production of cookies!

When deciding on an Ascension in Cookie Clicker, here are the items I recommend you purchase in the first Ascension. I have also included the amount of Heavenly Chips needed for each –

  • Legacy (1 Chip)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3 Chips)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9 Chips)
  • Heavenly Luck (77 Chips)
  • Total (90)

The upgrades I mentioned are what I consider to be the most significant Heavenly improvements that are available in Cookie Clicker. Certain, the other improvements are nice, like the tin with cookies or having cursors to start with; however, neither of them is efficient.

By utilizing these upgrades, you will be able to obtain your Dragon, boost the Golden Cookie chances, and also have the benefit of a 10% base CPS boost.

If you’re more patient and willing to sit and wait until you have more than a hundred Heavenly Chips, here’s an additional set of Heavenly Upgrades –

  • Legacy (1)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9)
  • Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of Butter Cookies (25)
  • Box of Macarons (25)
  • Starter Kit (50)
  • Heavenly Luck (77)
  • Permanent upgrade slot 1 (100)
  • Heralds (100)
  • Total (440)

You can clearly see that you’ll require a total of 440 HC (Heavenly Chips) to purchase the upgrades that I mentioned above. However, for being patient, you’ll be awarded a large amount of CPS and will be in a position to skip the initial game, which is really amazing.

Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

The most significant upgrade in Heavenly Chips is called the Permanent Upgrade Slot. This lets you select one upgrade to be removed at the start of your next run at no cost! No matter how costly the upgrade is, as long as you have it in the Permanent Upgrade Slot, it will be unlocked.

Regarding the Permanent Upgrade Slot, the most frequently asked question is, “What should I use my Permanent Upgrade Slot in Cookie Clicker for?”

The answer to this question is, without a doubt, Golden Cookie upgrades. Golden Cookies are the most common method of making cookies later in the game when it progresses, and ignoring even one of the Golden Cookies could slow your game by days. This is why you must prioritize the Golden Cookie upgrades for your Permanent Upgrade Slot.

Should I Ascend Immediately in Cookie Clicker?

No. When this is the first Ascension, you shouldn’t be ascending as fast as you are able to. It will slow your progress in the long run rather than increasing it, and that’s the primary goal of Ascending in the first place.

Instead, you should reach an acceptable prestige level (at minimum 90 and follow our above-shared section to make the right Ascension) and then ascend. You’ll have the chance to buy some upgrades and get a good CPS boost for your next run.

Some say the best time to ascend is 400. However, I think you could ascend earlier.

What happens when you Ascend in Cookie Clicker?

After you ascend, you’ll be shown a screen where you can see a collection of stars and a variety of choices for which you can spend your hard-earned Heavenly Chips.

Once you have made your choice and start ascending, you begin your game from scratch without any structures or upgrades that you haven’t had in the past (unless, of course, you’ve earned the Heavenly upgrades).

Should I sell my buildings before making Ascension in Cookie Clicker?

Nope. Selling your properties will have no effect on your Ascension level. It’s only based on the amount of Cookies you’ve made by clicking throughout your journey or your buildings producing them.

Don’t be concerned about selling anything, as you’ll just waste your time and all of the progress that you have made so far.

Does the Stock Market work with Ascension?

Nope. Sadly, the buying and selling “stocks” in the Stock Market mini-game will not impact the Ascension level in Cookie Editor.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Utilizing the gains of stocks to purchase additional buildings will definitely benefit you over time!

Does popping Wrinklers work with Ascension in Cookie Editor?

YES! popping Wrinkers is the only item that can work with Ascension. The cookies they produce after they’ve been popped increases your level. Make sure you pop them prior to you try Ascending in Cookie Editor.

Do I keep sugar lumps when Ascending?

Yes. All your sugar lumps and structures that have been upgraded with sugar lumps will be present when you ascend. You won’t lose anything.

Lucky Digit Ascension

To earn the three Heavenly upgrades, you need to ascend when your prestige level reaches 7, 77, and, finally, 777.

It is suggested that you attempt to get every cookie in the shortest time possible, as Golden Cookies are one of the best ways of earning Cookies in Cookie Clicker.

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Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed Cookie Clicker Ascension guide.

In this guide, we tried to cover everything you might need to know about Ascension in Cookie Clicker. However, if we forgot to mention something or if you have any questions, feel free to shoot them to us in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. Will hope to see you again.

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