5 Best Features of YoWhatsApp on Android

YoWhatsApp is amongst the most popular WhatsApp Mods, and for some good reasons. One of the best reasons behind this massive popularity is the features of YoWhatsApp.

This WhatsApp Mod offers features you cannot even imagine on the stock WhatsApp application.

In this article, we are going to cover the five best YoWhatsApp features that make it the best WhatsApp replacement.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Best features of YoWhatsApp on Android

Below, we have covered the best features of YoWhatsApp –

Enhanced Messaging System

The very first and arguably my favorite feature of YoWhatsApp is its enhanced messaging system. This feature allows you to read deleted messages, remove forwarded tags, better looking and highly customizable chat bubbles, and more.

Besides that, the messaging system also allows you to set up auto-reply messages along with a message scheduling feature. The message scheduling feature basically lets you set a time and date for a customized message that will be automatically delivered, even if you are away. This is a great feature that you can utilize to send birthday wishes and more.

Privacy Settings

Another popular reason why YoWhatsApp is so popular amongst people is because of its advanced privacy settings. While stock WhatsApp only lets you disable your last seen and hide a blue tick, YoWhatsApp lets you freeze your last seen, see the blue tick of other people even after disabling your own, hide online and typing status, and more.

On top of that, its anti-delete function lets you see deleted messages and even download deleted images and statuses. In addition to that, you can add an additional layer of security to protect your WhatsApp chats from unwanted intruders.


A great reason behind the popularity of YoWhatsApp is that it lets you customize your WhatsApp chat interface the way you want. For example, if you don’t like the default UI or color theme, you can choose to install a different theme of your choice from the theme library.

Besides that, you can customize fonts, background, status bar, navigation bar, universal action bar, universal color, UI/UX, notification icon, WhatsApp icon, and more. The theme store of YoWhatsApp consists of thousands of high-quality themes for free.

Increased Limits

While default WhatsApp comes with a lot of limitations, this YoWhatsApp offers you increased limits for everything. For example, the official WhatsApp only lets you create a broadcast list of 128 people, while YoWhatsApp offers a limit of 500 people.

Besides that, the stock WhatsApp allows you to only send 30 images at a time, while on YoWhatsApp, you can send up to 100 images. There are some additional things, such as 1-minute-long WhatsApp status, adding an increased number of contacts in a group, and so on.

Additional Features

One thing that I really like about YoWhatsApp is that the team behind it continuously works to add new features. For example, they recently introduced the message scheduling feature, which is a lifesaver.

It also lets you text anyone without saving their number and allows you to pin up to 10 chats, while the stock WhatsApp only lets you pin three. There are many other features that are exclusively available on YoWhatsApp.

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